This website and the Gallery were last updated January 18, 2019 after the Buebe Schwingfest. Also, feel free to sign our guestbook.

Our 97th Annual Schwingfest was held April 7, 2018 - visit the Schwingfest Results and Gallery sections for pictures and details of past Schwingfests. Also visit the past events section where you can watch the Polka Dots in action.


Welcome to the 97th annual Imperial Valley Swiss Club Schwingfest. Your participation in this event, showcasing our Swiss heritage, is much appreciated. This tradition dates back to 1921, and it is noted as one of the longest standing traditions founded in Imperial Valley. Thank you for supporting all of the schwingers and musicians that will be performing this weekend. Their efforts are greatley appreciated, and we wish them good luck.

Join us in our festivities by taking part in the "schwinging", the games, and the meals. There will be a barbeque beef lunch beginning at noon, and a tri-tip dinner and dance baginning at 6:30 p.m. Music will be provided by the Imperial Valley Swiss band during the day and the Blaser-Faver Orchestra in the evening.

Our program book is made possible by the ads purchased by businesses and individuals.

Please patronize these advertisers as their generous support is much appreciated. I would like to thank Shelli Lyon for all of her hard work coordinating this year's program. Also I would like to thank all of those members who helped sell ads.

As we introduce the 2018 Swiss Club Board, I would like to personally thank them for their willingness to give their time and talents to ensure that the Swiss Club continues to thrive. The succes of the Swiss Club is a group effort that not only includes the board but also its members and caretakers.

Justin Stacey
Club President 2018