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Celebrating 100 years of Schwingfests

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I want to introduce myself and welcome everyone to a new year of events at The Swiss Club of Imperial Valley. My name is Jeff Williams and I am the new Swiss Club president. While I am not Swiss, I am married to Samatha Stacey who comes from a long line of active Swiss Club members. We have two children Beau and Stacey. Although I am not Swiss, it is because of my kids that I agreed to serve as presidnet. I grew up in Lakeside, California, so I did not attend my first Swiss Club event until I met my wife twelve years ago. I was impressed with the family atmosphere and community bonding that took place. There were multiple generations working together, sharing stories, and having a great time. I loved to see the kids playing and carrying on the traditions of their grandparents and great-grandparents, and this is what I want for my own children.

Your dues are now payable, and the Club greatly appreciataes your continued membership. The dues are $100 per member for the year, or you can pay $1,000 per member for a lifetime membership. An option for non-Swiss descdendents is the "Friends of the Swiss Club" newsletter subscription. This provides non-memebers that wish to stay abreast of our events with a newsletter.The "Friends of the Swiss Club" membership is $25. If you have let your membership lapse the last few years, please caonsider rejoining the Club to help support its mission of providing a place where community bonds are strengthened and traditions are preserved for future generations.

Our current secretary has enjoyed serving the club, but would like to retire. If any members are interested in the postion, please contact a Board member.

Lastly, I want to thank the outgoing president Ben Abatti Jr. and his wife Judy for their service to the Club. I am looking forwarad to our slate of events in 2021 and seeing everyone again. Please check the Club facebook page for information on events. Thank you and take care.


Jeff Williams
Club President 2021

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